Our Chef


Santino’s background in Italian cooking is of the highest interest to many visiting guests at L’Osteria. He completed his initial training at the well renowned Scuola Alberghiera Panzini in central Italy.

What followed for the next 26 years was a remarkable journey where Santino worked up to be the head chef of some of the most established hotels and restaurants in both regional and capital cities of Italy. These include La Botte, Locanda dei Medici, Hotel Eden Park and New Zanarini. Several famous celebrities such as Little Tony and Ancona’s soccer team would visit Santino’s kitchen out of their way just to pay him regards!

Santino’s next goal was to move to Australia and fulfil his dream of owning a restaurant where he could bring his love for the Italian culture and provide a real, authentic experience for his guests.

Although he is too adamant to admit to have any one signature dish, L’Osteria’s most popular dishes include the homemade gnocchi with pear and gorgonzala, roasted duck with orange sauce, and the olive ascolane.

Santino is the type of person that would be invited as a guest to a house party and take up any opportunity to mind the barbeque. His passion in cooking is reflected by the following he has, especially from the locals who are always keen to see what’s on the specials board.